Picking Your Perfect Travel Book


Visitors to the “Travel Guide” section of Barnes and Noble are faced with an overwhelming task: choosing the perfect travel book. Colorful and information-dense, each travel guide appears to offer something the others don’t—whether it’s a section of “insider tips,” additional transportation maps, or discounts on popular attractions. However, choosing a guide is important when traveling, especially if you are traveling outside of the country; without abundance WiFi and international cell phone data, travelers find themselves utilizing analog sources of information.


5 Things to Consider

Getting the guide that works for you is as important as the purchase itself. Below, we have listed a few essential facts to consider when making your decision.


Size—Though this seems like a strange factor to consider, it is the best way to eliminate large swaths of options. Are you planning to keep a backpack with you? How big of a bag are you bringing? Would you prefer the guide to sit in your pocket for the duration of the trip? Thinking about how you want to store the book will help make this important decision.


Language aid—Though English is a widely-spoken language, you will likely encounter a few awkward language barriers. If you are traveling to a non-English-speaking country, be sure to choose a guide that has a few essential phrases. Think about what you might need to say in case of an emergency and try to memorize numbers prior to your departure.


Location availability—If you are traveling to a specific city, don’t purchase a guide for the entire country. Similarly, if you are planning to stop in a few cities, get a guide that covers as many destinations as possible.


Resource index—Whether it’s restaurants and museums or hospitals and hotels, you’ll want to get a guide with a resource index. This will also serve as a great way to get around if you do not speak the language—by pointing to the name and address of a place, you will receive better and more informed directions.


Early Recommendations

Of course at some point, you also just have to go out there and start looking. If you know where you’re headed, you can narrow the search parameters and get better results. If you’re looking for recommendations for a general wanderlust, check out this YT video from The Minimalist Ninja:


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