Series Spotlight: Fodor’s Travel Guide


Fodor’s publishes English language travel and tourism information, hiring local writers based in each guidebook destination rather than travel writers. As a result, their travel guides are often great for those wanting to experience a destination “like a local.” In total, they’ve published over 300 travel guides that cover more than 7,500 destinations around the globe. Fodor’s has been writing and publishing guide books for nearly eighty years.


Fodor’s guides cover the material one might expect a travel guide to include, but the content is organized a bit differently. These books have five sections: Experience [Name of Country], A [Name of Country] Primer, City/Area Chapters, Understanding [Name of Country], and Travel Smarts. The Experience section launches into current affairs, top attractions and experiences, etiquette, money-saving tips, and several planning suggestions. If you only have a few minutes to read a Fodor’s guide, you’ll find everything you need in this first section. The Primer chapter includes detailed information about local arts, pop culture, sports, current affairs, history, cuisine, natural environment, and religion. This section is often photo-dense.


The City and Area Chapters are the most information-heavy parts of Fodor’s guides, providing miniature guides for each area including sights, activities, festivals, events, nightlife, entertainment, shopping, restaurants, and hotels. All listings include an address, phone number, pricing, a description, and websites where available. The Understanding section is very brief and details important cultural information, as well as essential phrases and reference material. Finally, the Travel Smart chapter has great tips for transportation, accommodations, electricity, healthcare, emergencies, and safety.


Fodor’s travel guides are perfect for travelers who want to live like a local, but who want the support of a local guide. They offer a curated experience and are well-suited to those who like to do their research before booking tickets to a destination.


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