Series Spotlight: Cargo Literary


Cargo Literary Magazine showcases personal development through travel. They do this through stunning photography, intriguing stories and evocative poetry as well as beautiful digital artwork and a book review. I recently reviewed Issue No. 14 
One of the photo essays with its gorgeous photography was very moving! In this issue, one of the essays was by Fabrice Poussin, and he had offered up ten breath taking photos along with a short statement about the piece. The photo essay was about the American West. There was one other photo essay, and it was by Sherri Harvey 
Digital Artwork in this issue was by Michael Paul. There was a short statement by the artist discussing his work, including how he began. He has offered up seven pieces of work collectively called Illustrations. There is another artist, Willy Vecchiato, who has shared his own work which are photos and in another class than Mr. Paul’s. 
There are three Creative NonFiction stories provided in this issue. I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to read more than a few words of each pne, but I found I am wanting to go back again to complete them! The authors are Dustin Solberg, Thatcher Carter and Amanda Summer. 
I love poetry, and this issue had three poems to enjoy! I really enjoyed the poem, Thumairi Street by Marjory Woodfield which is about a street in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Other travel inspired poets in this issue are Kimberly White and Sandra Kolankiewicz. 
The lone book review was by Patricia Beiger. It’s a review of a book called A Truce, and it was actually read by the reviewer for the first time when she was 15 and growing up in Santiago, Chile! She read it again when she was 44, and she speaks about how she has changed between the two readings. 

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