Travel has changed dramatically in recent years. From the invention of smartphones and travel apps to widespread GPS and WiFi availability, travel is easier, more accessible, and—often—a bit less expensive. However, traveling with a book, whether as guide or an immersive novel, is an experience everyone should have, regardless of age and destination.


This site is the passion project of a group of former booksellers, including some from the old Ipswich Book Store. We love to travel, and we love to read about travel. From guide books to travel-centered fiction, we devour everything journey-related that comes into our bookstore. On this site, you will find reviews for popular guide books, as well as how-to articles for choosing the book you need. Additionally, we have a series of featured “literary companions”—books to read prior to or during your trip. These titles are meant to inspire wanderlust, provide alternative perspectives on potential destinations, and tell the stories of the places we want to visit.


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