Solidifying Your Bookstore in the Digital Age


The digital age struck a major blow to brick-and-mortar bookstores. The number of traditional bookstores, including major chains like Borders, has dwindled over the last decade. Many will point to the rise in popularity of e-readers and Amazon delivery services. In certain respects, a niche, hole-in-the-wall store is a thing of the past. However, smart branding and positioning are key elements that allow stores to keep their lights on despite digital encroachment.

Diversifying Your Brick-and-Mortar Bookstore

Traditional bookstores are not inherently obsolete. The reality is, printed books and independent stores were thriving as recently as 2017. Some of these stores were even out-performing digital competitors. The result was that even Amazon went as far as to open a brick-and-mortar store to sell their products. There is a market for these stores, but they need to have the right pull.

Denver’s BookBar is a bookstore that does it well. The indie bookstore and wine bar married two appealing elements: a bookstore for wine enthusiasts and a wine bar for book shoppers. The store’s niche environment offers a social experience that clients would otherwise miss at home. Combining the two also restores a previously dismissed sense of community through events that connect both interests.

Rather than focusing on a prior, regretfully outdated, model, the BookBar in Denver is forward thinking. It gives brick-and-mortar store owners the ability to once more envision their store’s window front amongst an otherwise gentrified neighborhood.

How a Marketing Agency Can Help Your Bookstore

The coronavirus pandemic reshaped the need for strategic marketing and smart branding. The local libraries closing in early 2020 in some cases led to more people going to bookstores. But then everything shut down and remained that way for months. Some bookstore owners, like other business owners, may find that they need to find a new space if they are suddenly no longer able to rent in their original location.

Hiring a boutique marketing firm can help you in your latest venture. A boutique marketing agency should be capable of helping you to brand, design and market your bookstore in the most effective way. These agencies consider brand voice and messaging as major components when ensuring a company’s success.

The schism between bookstores and the digital era still exists. Even so, bookstores that find their niche do not have to implement it alone. A good concept paired with a reliable boutique marketing firm can help solidify a brick-and-mortar bookstore’s place in its community. These stores possess the tools to exist and thrive in a growing digital landscape and evolving local business ecosystem.

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